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Liz Terry
Leisure Media

Kate Cracknell
Health Club Management

Katie Barnes
Managing Editor,
Spa Business

Lisa Starr
Senior Consultant,
Wynne Business

Anna Bjurstam
Raison d'Etre

Dieter Buchner
Founding Partner,
Urban Healing

Jean-Guy de Gabriac
Founder/ CEO,
Tip Touch Academie

Marisa Dimitriadis
Managing Director,
The Spa Consultants

Anni Hood
Global wellbeing advisor and consultant

Jane Scrivner
Managing Director,
Jane Scrivner

Competition is everywhere

by Liz Terry

Spas are expensive to build, and in creating them, owners, developers and operators either tie-up capital or have large debts to service. So spa operations have to generate enough operating profit to clear a number of big hurdles: covering their direct operating expenses; in some cases contributing to overheads; then servicing debt; then maybe paying back some of that debt; and then, finally, creating an actual return. [more...]

New style and substance

by Liz Terry

Happy New Year! The first edition of Leisure Management in 2013 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the magazine's development as it enters its 31st year and we hope you enjoy our new format, which will be more focused on the amazing people who make things happen in our industry. [more...]

Thinking local

by Liz Terry

In the latest issue of Spa Business, we talk to the team at Miraval about their challenges, successes and future strategies Spa Business 2012 issue 4 (p60). [more...]

Embrace the discomfort

by Liz Terry

The spa industry must reject routine, staid approaches to challenges and energetically embrace innovation if it is to thrive. This was the clear message from speakers at the Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) which was held recently in Aspen, Colorado. [more...]

A year of opportunity for the spa industry

by Katie Barnes

It's a time of accelerating change in the spa industry, as operators embrace powerful emerging technology, adopt alternative business models and explore lucrative new markets. [more...]

The wellness challenge

by Liz Terry

In mid-April, I went to the excellent TEDMED conference in Washington DC and had a thought provoking week hearing about the future of health and medicine. Although the majority of speakers took the conventional view of disease as something to be 'cured' with drugs and surgery, there were also a number of speakers who challenged this. [more...]

'Premium value'

by Kate Cracknell

People will pay for the things they value. That was one of the key messages from Phillip Mills, CEO of Les Mills International, when he toured the UK recently as host of the Future of Fitness roadshow. [more...]

SpaTec Spring 2012 conference

by Lisa Starr

Spa industry buyers and suppliers met in Orlando for the 13th edition of SpaTec from 14 to 17 March. [more...]

Time to engage with governments

by Liz Terry

News that the government of the Maldives had instructed spas on the islands to close (see Spa Business 2012 issue 1 p16) sent shock waves through the industry when it was announced recently. [more...]

Don't miss out on detox

by Jane Scrivner

New Year is the traditional time for detox and love it or hate it, you would be missing out on key revenue if you didn't play ball. It used to be that detox was a dirty word, when the 'D' word is mentioned, the natural thought process goes something like: "I'm giving up, I'm not allowed, I've got to stay in and I'll be using products that smell more medicinal than magical". [more...]

Managers of the future

by Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Finding a fully qualified and experienced spa manager can be a hard task. There are currently so many different spa management courses and so many people aspiring to become spa managers that when a spa publishes a vacancy, it is often flooded by all sorts of applications. [more...]

Spa status report - Brazil

by Lisa Starr

Spas and spa associations are beginning to coalesce as a group in a number of countries, to exchange ideas and information and gain strength through numbers. In August, I attended the first-ever Brazilian Spa Congress, which was held in conjunction with the 2nd Medical Travel Meeting Brazil. [more...]

Fine tuning spa deals for profit

by Liz Terry

We've been busy investigating the daily deal website market for a series of features for Spa Business - the first runs in Spa Business 2011 issue 4 on page 24 and we'll be following up with more coverage in future editions. [more...]

The consumer leads in the spa industry

by Anni Hood

The UK is having a tough time of it. Not that the rest of the world isn't, but the recent riots in England present a stark contrast to what we wish to achieve as an industry in encouraging more and more people to herald prevention, balance, relaxation and positivity as a priority. [more...]

Budget spas

by Liz Terry

We've had budget airlines, budget hotels, and budget health clubs. Now we're predicting spas will be next. All indicators point to a coming revolution when the spa market will follow other time-based leisure businesses into the disruptive phase associated with the emergence of a budget or low-cost model. [more...]

Massage - the cornerstone of a spa

by Anna Bjurstam

Swedish Massage is the number one spa treatment in the world. Massages in general stand for 60-70 per cent of all spa treatments and are the treatments that guests often book first to trial the spa. [more...]

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